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I should have mentioned this yesterday. . . I’ve been taking a break from the blogging thing for most of this month.  Haven’t been photographing or visiting blogs.  Why?  I have no idea!  A little burned-out maybe.  Anyway, I think I’m back.  Sorry there was nothing to look at here.  = )

The rusty mechanisms used to open this door looks like they’ve seen better days. Actually, so does the door.

Click here for a larger view


Posted January 24, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

12 responses to “MECHANISM

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  1. Those are great. It uused to be Leather and wood.

  2. Fantastic texture and colours…great shot

  3. I think, it’s a great shot, I for my person love this kind of images!

  4. Wonderful textures and colors.

  5. Great textures! Glad you are un-burned out I was about to give up on stopping by 🙂

  6. It’s not the rusty mechanism, but the red tones in the wood I really love here. Great shot Madelaine.

  7. I love rust shots! This is awesome!

  8. Love the distressed look of this wonderful old door!

  9. Fine colors and lines! glad to see you posting again.

  10. Glad you are back. The colors and texture in this image are wonderful. Very nice shot!

  11. The weathered wood is wonderful…makes me wonder what is behind it!

  12. Weathered wood and rusty hardware is always appealing to me, this especially so.
    It is easy to be un-inspired this time of year, I’m glad I’m not sticking to shots taken this year….

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