“Weekly Photo Challenge: SIMPLE”   44 comments

Simply simple….


44 responses to ““Weekly Photo Challenge: SIMPLE”

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  1. I love this! It almost looks like a pencil drawing. What type of post-processing did you use?

    • Thanks Bonnie. It actually came out of the camera pretty much like this. I just cropped, converted to b & w and enhanced the shadows a bit. That’s the kind of day it was. . . .blah.

  2. Wonderful graphic feel to this Madelaine.
    Love the b&w processing.

  3. I’d say: Simple and beautiful. Love the processing and the result!

  4. Picture perfect simple rendering of a landscape devoid of colour thanks to Mother Nature. Beautiful Lines.

  5. I like the clean strong lines in this image. Just a wonderful photo.

  6. Simple Amazing ,nice work 🙂

  7. Brill’ picture, almost unreal..;)

  8. Totally awesome work!

  9. Terrific.

  10. This is amazing …. the symmetry is perfect.

  11. Beautiful!

  12. I really like the composition of this shot. I like images that create a feel,and this does it. Nice work

  13. Beautiful picture! I like the nice clean lines. The B&W was the way to go on this one. It really captures the cold feeling of the snowy day.

  14. Your composition is wonderful with the simple symmetry of the trees and fences.

  15. hmmm…what is that white stuff you’ve photographed so beautifully? Snow? I vaguely remember snow! (wishing we had some this year…)

  16. Not much left for me to add here……except how much I like this picture! You have a great eye, Madelaine!

  17. Oh wow…love how you took a blah day and turned it into a piece of art….nice eye! The lines and cures and tones all go together perfectly! A framer, Madelaine!

  18. Great photo. Will make a great print.

  19. I love the B+W of this shot, Perfect.

  20. I love this – a really beautiful winter scene. This is the kind of snow day that I actually enjoy!

  21. Coming late there isn’t much to say but just add to all that has been said about how swell this is. Glad you haven’t had much snow.

  22. Gorgeous, just perfect for the theme.

  23. Very pretty composition. The curved fence lines in combination with the stark forms of bare trees in winter is really perfect.

  24. wow this is spectacular, beautifully composed and the black and white, it is stunning!!!!!

  25. wow! what an amazing shot!

  26. Lovely photo… could be a Christmas card!
    Thanks for the visit over at CTB 😀

  27. I love snow and BW and this shot has it all, thanks!!

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