STILL LIFE   7 comments

I love old pieces of furniture like this……

Click here for a larger view


Posted April 18, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

7 responses to “STILL LIFE

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  1. Such rich wood!

  2. Seems to me very well composed.

  3. I’d love to see where these scrumptious photos are coming from…this one is so rich in colour, feeling and dappled now only with tasty shadows but history, being new to anything other than sooc photography, I realize this photo isn’t so whatever processing you’ve used your end result is terrific…

  4. I am enjoying the trip into the past. Love the rich looking wood and the old newspapers.

  5. This does show the grain of the wood very well. Seeing the old style typeset of the newspapers adds to the interest of your still life.

  6. Fantastic shot… the rich tones

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