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But only as spring heavenward,

and I may catch from steeples and hilltops

in their upward course,

which are the more refined parts of the former,

are the true sphere music—

pure, unmixed music—

in which no wail mingles.

                                                             Henry David Thoreau


Posted April 22, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

7 responses to “CLOUDS

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  1. peaceful beautifully composed photo, apt for the day, perfect choice from HDT…this churches simplicity has an inviting appeal

  2. Looks like the clouds are caught on the spire and can’t get away

  3. The image interprets very well the beautiful poem of Thoreau!

  4. Lovely image and sentiment. Can’t beat HDT for commentary on nature!

  5. What a beautiful scene…not only a gorgeous sky and clouds…love that door!

  6. Love the composition looking up to the sky and the poem fits beautifully.

  7. Lovely scene….love cloud shapes

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