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So there were two turkey vultures by the side of the road. One said to the other, “What the he** is that?” If there are any fans of Steve Martin and Saturday Night Live out there, this is ONE of the funniest skits he ever did (IMO).  This one is with Bill Murray.  It’s HERE. Is there any one else that thinks it’s funny??? (I know, I have a weird sense of humor!)

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7 responses to “FOOD

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  1. Ah Politicians!

  2. great photo and video, I am a big SM and BM fan, and remember seeing this on SNLive..laughed as hard then as I did this morning, great way to begin the day and a perfect match to your photo…(ps if I don’t comment on your photos for a while it is that I’m trying to fix my gravatar and blog connections, I never miss coming in here to check on your latest posts).

  3. Never seen turkey in wild life … so cool.

  4. Thanks for the morning laugh! I did like the camera! I like your take on the theme. However I have to say that I do believe Turkey Vultures are in the ugliest bird category!

  5. LOL . . . loved the video and your take on the theme.
    Turkey Vultures are not the prettiest bird, but they are very imposing.

  6. Such a funny sketch and your photo is fabulous – love the inquisitive look from the one on the ground. They are spectacularly weird looking birds

  7. That skit was sooo perfect for your photo………..but amazed that you made the connection!!!!

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