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Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players.  Archaeological excavations in the Middle East have shown that the game existed there around 3000 BC.  I used to love playing but haven’t done so in a long time, although not quite as long ago as 3000 years. : )

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  1. Lovr the DOF

  2. I like the dof too, the starkness of the dice and the reflections…great photo

  3. Very nice macro.

  4. Lovely photo

  5. Very well done!

  6. Love the depth of field and reflections in in fine black and white image.

  7. Just love this photo of yours and the crispness of the dice.

  8. That is a gorgeous set and your photo is marvelous!

  9. Madelaine…….you have such an artistic way of “owning” your images. Do you have a background in art or photography?

  10. Thank you everyone! As always, your comments are so appreciated!

  11. It’s been so long for me too that I’ve forgotten how to play! The photo is striking. I love the black, white, grey, silvery tones. Thanks.

  12. Great shot…love the tones and the refections

  13. I love this, the perfect focus on the dice with the muted sparkly bits is a fine combo.

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