GATHERING   12 comments

A gathering of gulls and other birds.  Does anyone know what kind the others are?

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12 responses to “GATHERING

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  1. Looks like common seagulls and cormorants to me. Fun photo whatever they are.

  2. Aplace for everyone and everyone in his place.

  3. Like ducks in a row. Ok. They’re not ducks. Not sure what they are but fun pic.

  4. I thought they were perhaps Guillimots (the black ones that is)….nice shot too

  5. Really like the shot! I think they are dirty birds because all sea gulls are dirty birds!

  6. I echo everyone…definitely seagulls. I love the sticks and how the radomly point in different directions…the seagulls are an added bonus!

  7. Fun shot…nice lighting….can’t help with the birds.

  8. Thanks for your kind coments everyone!

  9. Neat to see the birds perched on the posts.

  10. They look to be gossiping about each other, I like this.
    The dark ones look smaller than the cormorants I see on the left coast.

  11. I like everything about your composition and that you used a pano crop!

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