THE CITY…..   13 comments

….or should I say “THE” City?  New York as I’m sure you know. That’s 1 WTC, also known as One World Trade Center, (formerly known as the Freedom Tower) front and center.  It officially became the tallest building in New York on April 30th, surpassing the Empire State Building.  A company called EarthCam released a time-lapse movie showing the construction progress from 2004 to 2012.  You can view it HERE.…it’s awesome! And HERE’S Downtown Manhattan’s future skyline.

Final beam lifted at 4 World Trade Center

Click here for a larger view


13 responses to “THE CITY…..

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  1. Great image and great moniment, but having been born before 1950, The CITY always referred to London, New York was the Big Apple!

  2. Standing tall and strong. Beautiful.

  3. Nice crisp image, Madelaine. Your blog has a wonderful variety of subjects. Makes me wonder… you have a favorite subject to shoot?

    • Hi Helen, No I don’t, believe it or not! Anything that ‘calls my name’….lol Do you?

      • Doors, windows, dilapidated old buildings are my favorites I think….but like you it’s whatever “speaks” to me….and frequently that’s my grandchildren…LOL!

  4. Beautiful image.

  5. Nice view over the city. I want go to N.Y.

  6. A fabulous shot and a very cool time lapse link.
    Even though I grew up in Chicagoland I think of The City as San Francisco

  7. Fabulous photo. Thanks for including the You Tube, amazing to see it. Thanks again.

  8. What a wonderful sight into The City! Makes my heart happy the building made the milestone of being the tallest building. Shows our determination.

  9. Nice shot. I used to have an office in Hoboken, right on the Hudson, with a perfect view of Lower Manhattan. I’ve thought recently how cool it would be to still have that “window seat” on the Freedom Tower being built.

  10. Great clarity and sharpness.

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