BOATS   10 comments

Edit: I think I prefer monochrome version.

Click here for a larger view

Click here for a larger view



Come, hoist the sail, the fast let go!

They’re seated all aboard.

Wave chases wave in easy flow:

The bay is fair and broad.

The ripples lightly tap the boat,

Loose! Give her to the wind!

She flies ahead: They’re all afloat:

The strand is far behind.

                                                                     excerpt from the poem by Richard Henry Dana


10 responses to “BOATS

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  1. Very inviting.

  2. I can almost feel the wind as it hits the sails.Beautiful.

  3. I’m a big fan ob B/W but in this particular photo I think I prefer the color…..shows off those wonderful violet shades in the sky and like that little dash of red in the boats. I usually look for more tonal range and texture when considering an image for B/W…..however that’s just me….I may be all wet…!!!LOL!

  4. Both are nice but I am not allowed to express my preference, and you’re only picking on Helen because ob her spelling like I does! LoL.

    • Ron, I wasn’t referring to Helen’s b &w comment, but rather her clever quip about being all wet….I think.that’s the kind of quick-witted remark you would come up with! = )

  5. Beautiful photo, what a wonderful way to spend a day.

  6. What a lovely poem to pair with your photo! I really like the black and white version because I can see more detail in the shadow areas.

  7. Both nice images…but for me the colour one is my fave….

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