“Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUE”   22 comments

Old blue eyes…..



22 responses to ““Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUE”

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  1. Nice take on the challenge! The dog is absolutely beautiful!

  2. The younger one is far better looking and croons much sweeter! LoL

  3. Wow! I also prefer F. Sinatra jr.
    Great shot.

  4. Gorgeous pet portrait.

  5. what a beautiful shot, what a super blue eye, and I once saw ‘ol Blue eyes’ sing that was pretty sweet ;>), gorgeous dog!

  6. Very cool photoshot 😀

  7. Beautiful dog portrait….can’t think of FS and not think of my Dad………he certainly mesmerized a generation…or more!

  8. wow – an amazing image…love it

  9. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful dog, and such a great shot. Frank was a lovely touch 🙂 Great entry! xxx Ailsa

  10. I love dogs with blue eyes! Lovely!

  11. Am I right in saying Wolf based breeds have Blue eyes…great shot

  12. Clever! Sweet shot too…

  13. Beautiful!

  14. I have seen dogs of this breed and thier beautiful blue eyes. You have captured the
    eye of this dog in a stunning manner. Love the old blue eyes guy – Frank SInatra.

  15. This dog has beautiful blue eyes. 😉 I miss “Old blue eyes.” Good entry! 😉

  16. Oh wow, those blue eyes are magnificent! 🙂

  17. Oh I love the dog’s beautiful eyes!

  18. Love this!

  19. I get a kick out of your clever entry! 😉

  20. awesome!

  21. Stunning!

  22. The photo of the dog is stunning, it’s a beautiful dog. Thanks for stopping by my blog “Exploring the world. Photography, travel, art” and liking my post “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban”.
    Kind greetings,

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