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I’m posting this under the ‘awful’ theme only because there’s nothing worse in the list, but this is far beyond awful.  I’d never heard of “Comfort Women” before……had any of you? In Palisades Park, NJ,  the town in which the memorial is located, more than half the population is of Korean descent which is why they’ve chosen to dedicate this monument.  Rather than go into a sordid description, I’m including a link to this article:

Japanese officials ask New Jersey town to REMOVE memorial to Korean sex slaves captured by Japan in World War II

and here’s one from the New York Times:

In New Jersey, Memorial for ‘Comfort Women’ Deepens Old Animosity

and what eye openers they are.  Apparently, Japan is not pleased that this atrocity is being brought to the attention of the public….and it’s no wonder.

Comfort Women Memorial in Palisades Park defiled

South Koreans burn Japanese flag in protest at mayor’s defense of using their women as ‘sex slaves’ for army during WWII

China’s oldest World War II sex slave – forced to be a ‘comfort woman’ for Japanese soldiers – dies at 91

Mayor of Osaka defends using women as ‘sex slaves’ in Japan during WWII claiming soldiers needed them for discipline>>>>WTF???

‘Korean women are all prostitutes!’: Japanese rock song mocking ‘comfort women’ who were forced to sleep with soldiers in war is BANNED

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Posted May 24, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

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  1. I had but many things in the past and viewed from a foreign point of view, are aweful, but they happened, and in some cases still happen. The really aweful thing though would be if anyone, acqiesced to the official’s demands. That would be a crime. The Memorial is as needed as the World trade Centre Memorial, The Holocaust Memorial The numerous Civil rights Memorials that dot the world – All Horrid occurences that HAVE TO BE not only Remembered but learned from TOO!

  2. I am in complete agreement with Ron, it SHOULD never be removed…I had not heard of these women and girls, it would be a crime in itself and so injurious to remove the dedication to these women and children, an acknowledgement of their tragedy, removing this memorial after all of the years if obviously took to erect it would be insulting and a negation of the crime itself…I hope PP, NJ stays committed and firmly rooted to the reasons that it was erected….a gesture of kindness and tribute to their suffering…sadly slavery does continue in all of our countries on some level…awful and more so…

  3. It needs to be left to raise awareness of what happened (and what could still happen)…this is truly awful!

  4. This is truly awful. I find myself in total agreement with Ron.

  5. It must be seen. Can’t think of words to describe the horror

  6. I agree with all the above. Lessons to be learned, such a shame that so much of this sort of thing goes on all over the world. God bless everyone.

  7. I have never heard of these women….and the plaque should not be removed….we should remember and learn from past attrocities

  8. I never heard of these women , now I shall NEVER forget.

  9. Truly awful!

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