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This Papaya Dog flag is worn, weathered, tattered, full of pigeon poop and generally all around disgusting.  I didn’t see any restaurant by that name nearby and to tell you the truth, even if I did, after seeing this sign I probably wouldn’t stop in….not a good advertisement.  I wonder if they served pigeon burgers?

Click here for a larger view


Posted May 31, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

6 responses to “WORN

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  1. Except that they’re Pigeons – I would say Hen Pecked, much like myself.

  2. But great shot in the meantime.

  3. ah Papaya Dog has seen better days but what a great shot of the Pigeons and I love the processing…the reflections in the windows, the contrast in tones in the brick, really a super photo!

  4. Love the selective coloring and the composition with the pigeons in position to paint the sign.

  5. Fabulous find…love the selective colouring

  6. Great photo. I especially love the detail brought out in the brick-work.

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