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This is the iconic Pepsi logo that stands along the Hudson River in Long Island City, New York. Here’s some Pepsi trivia…..it was invented in the early 1890’s by Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist in New Bern, North Carolina and he called it ‘Brad’s drink’.  In 1898 he renamed it Pepsi-Cola. Check out the story of the sign HERE.  Hmmm…….. I have a sudden craving for a tall, ice cold glass of Pepsi…no Coke, Pepsi!  😉

Click here for a larger view


Posted June 3, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

18 responses to “ICONIC

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  1. I’d love a refreshing ice-cold Pepsi too.
    Great capture!

  2. I drink Pepsi Max, cause it tastes like Coke to which I used to be addicted prior to my heart attack. LoL

  3. Great shot, but far too chilly here this morning, rather have a cup of tea!!!!

    • So you’re a tea drinker! I’m a coffee drinker myself but once in awhile there’s nothing like a great cup of tea!

  4. Great sign! So you remember “no Coke Pepsi”. That was when SNL was great. I wouldn’t miss it. Sometimes I watch old episodes on YouTube.

  5. that is a such a fine sign, love their red and great shot and info…I’ve drank two soft drinks my entire life, first Fresca and then in the early 70’s I switched to Pepsi and have never left…

    • I tried Fresca a couple of times, but was never crazy about it….my grandfather loved it though. Pepsi is my favorite too…..no Coke! lol

  6. Nice shot of a classic sign

  7. This is iconic, product, and all. Think of how much Pepsi has actually been consumed since the first bottle hit the shelves, 114 years ago.

  8. Classic! Love the touch of color.

  9. I love the SNL reference and your selective color. what a fabulous sign.

  10. Love your presentation and treatment of this wonderful piece of advertisement for my favorite soda as well! This would have been a great response to my request for a Pepsi on the EV Scavenger Hunt a while back…LOL!!!!

  11. Colour popped to perfection. Really nice.

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