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That’s two-time defending Formula One Grand Prix auto racing champion Sebastian Vettel driving the Infiniti Coupe with a film crew shadowing him. He took a “speed limit-respecting” (NOT!) test drive in Weehawken and West New York, New Jersey yesterday afternoon of the 3.2-mile race course aka the Port Imperial Street Circuit, that is to be the site of the inaugural Grand Prix of America race next June. (If you’re looking at the map, this photo was taken at about point 33.)  Ok, they said he wasn’t going to go over 40 mph but trust me, it was WELL over 40 mph…….closer to 100 mph at one point!  It was so exciting!  Did anyone see him on Letterman last night?  Tomorrow…..another professional from this event.  (Yes, you Officer.)

Formula One Race Takes NJ Test Run

EDIT: 10/19/12 – F1 race Past Manhattan Skyline Forced Back a Year

EDIT: 6/12/13 –   Deal finally in place for New Jersey F1 Race

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Posted June 12, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

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  1. He can afford the fine!

  2. 100 mph, zike, I love seeing film crews in action..;neat shot, like the included info too…

  3. Since this test drive was ostensibly speed limit legal, were the roads not closed to the public at the time? Watching that monstrous film vehicle shadowing Vettel for the footage must have been great fun. Best we could do here would be to have John take the TR3 down College Avenue with Lois and her Canon following on her Rans recumbent while an accomplice distracts John Law. . .

    • Yes, the entire course was closed to vehicular traffic but the parked cars were not required to move. You’ll have to have someone taking pics of Lois taking pics of John and the TR3!

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