“Weekly Photo Challenge: CLOSE”   58 comments

I hope these folks were this close in life…….


58 responses to ““Weekly Photo Challenge: CLOSE”

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  1. Great caption ,, Oh look at the sad state of the graves …

  2. The black and white is perfect for this image.

  3. Brilliant and very different!

  4. Very quirky and interesting take on the theme 🙂

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  7. Well spotted Madelaine. I like the weekly challenge. I enter too.

  8. A really great entry for the challenge 🙂

  9. This is spooky…I was taking the exact same type of shot last night on our Camera Group walkabout….great shot…hope mine come out as good

  10. great idea for the challenge, and I like the ancientness of the b&w. nice shot!

  11. Perfectly fits the theme. Great shot.

  12. makes me chuckle…good takeoff on the theme.

  13. Perfect! A great photo in any case, but perfect for the theme!

  14. love it…black and white suits this image

  15. Very good take on the challenge,Madelaine. Love the black and white.

  16. Great shot; lovely interpretation of the theme and I love the black and white!

  17. I have never seen anything like this. A very powerful post!

  18. great response to ‘close’ and beautiful photo

  19. This is truly amazing – do you have a location? Great post and photo.

  20. I knew that had to be boston!!!

    hey, thank you for finding my blog because it brought me to yours!! I love everything I’ve seen thus far, so looks like you’ve got a new “follower.”

  21. Very special photo. Looks as if they’re sitting on eachothers lap.
    Old gravestones are such fascinating objects for photographing… each one tells a story.

  22. What an amazing picture! I love it, especially that it’s in black and white. Looks almost like death did not part them..

  23. That’s close. 😉

  24. That’s a great shot, and a great interpretation of the theme 🙂

  25. He is a question since cI see you have entered for a long time Where do they show the WINNER of each Contest? I would like to see the winners from each

  26. Oh, that’s lovely! Where is it?

  27. great shot… makes me curious why they are so close…

  28. what an original, creative approach to the challenge! awesome! 😀

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