RELAXATION   16 comments

Ahhhh……nothing beats basking in the sunshine after a hard days work.

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Posted June 17, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

16 responses to “RELAXATION

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  1. That’s no Silly Billy!

  2. I wish we had some sun to bask under at the moment

    • Yesterday we had a break from the rain……shortly after I took this he got up and came over to me. I was petting him and he started nibbling on my shirt! That’s when I SLOWLY started backing away! 😆

  3. He surely worked hard…eating that is! lol

  4. A great shot and he is great as well.

  5. What a beauty! “…hard days work” 🙂 Great shot Madelaine.

  6. Love the smile. Looks like he is grinning up at the sun.

  7. Looks like he posed for you…what an excellent capture!

  8. I think this guy is feeling stuffed and satisfied after a big meal of tin cans!! Cute photo!

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