“Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE”   54 comments

I didn’t create this cute little bunny….the very talented face painter at the fair did.  I was just lucky enough to capture an image of her artwork.


54 responses to ““Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE”

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  1. Great shot 🙂

  2. How cute! There was a face-painter at somewhere I used to work and they were ridiculously talented! Always amazed me just how neat they could be painting on skin.

  3. Excellent photo and painting. Sweet too 🙂

  4. Very cute and creative.

    Northern Narratives
  5. Creative presentation, nevertheless.

  6. Very sweet and a lovely entry for the challenge!

  7. I love this shot! Very creative…the colors even in the blurry part are beautiful…

  8. That’s so adorable! Great one for the theme.

  9. Nice perspective

  10. I love your photo, great shot.

  11. Like the perspective. The mirror reflexion and depth of field was nicely done. Kudos on a great shot.

  12. Good idea, good eye, and, yes, very creative!

  13. Really nice shot Madelaine.
    Like it.

  14. Fantastic composition!

  15. LOVE this! The composition and everything about it is excellent!
    So glad I found your blog.

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  17. Excellent. I’ glad I looked again as I couldn’t find your photo challenge! 🙂

  18. I loved doing this with my kids when they were small

  19. wonderful!

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  21. Lovely entry for the theme. 😉

  22. Such a colorfull and bright picture. Just a look at it already makes you feel happy.
    Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting on my blog.

  23. Unique perspective and great colors!

  24. Love your composition on this.

  25. Nice shot and nice angle! 🙂

  26. Cool perspective and angle of view. The painter is definitly very talented and so are you!

  27. Very clever shot…like it

  28. Wonderful angle for the shot–very creative!

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