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I passed this building and for some reason was so drawn to it, that I went back to take a photo. As I was looking at it on the computer, I was trying to figure out what exactly about it intrigued me and I think it’s because the whole scene is so symmetrical.  I remember reading about “geometric morphometrics” in which the symmetry of something affects its attractiveness to observers….so maybe that’s it.  Would you have been so drawn to it?

Click here for a larger view


Posted June 26, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

18 responses to “SYMMETRY

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  1. Very attractive indeed

  2. yes! It is a wonderful building and evokes all kinds of imaginings 🙂

  3. The doors are to die for and everything highlights them!

  4. Beautiful symmetry.

  5. LOVE this…the textures and lines are picture perfect!

  6. It’s very well to have a look at and take a fine picture!

  7. I’m attracted by the lines and angles. A wonderful find!

  8. Interesting…and unusual! It looks like it’s emerging from the ground.

  9. I would certainly be drawn to it….for the dereliction as well as the symmetry

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