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Here’s something automotive…..a 1942 Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet D convertible.  Just another classic car you think?  Well, this one has a rather dark and disturbing pedigree. It was said to be owned by Hitler. Ja, Der Führer!  Creepy, right?  Well, HERE’S an article and video clip that explains it.  I have to say, it was quite unsettling photographing that car, thinking about who might have driven it and what it may have been involved in. Actually, beyond unsettling. There are more pics in the slideshow.

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Posted July 11, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

12 responses to “AUTOMOTIVE

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  1. What an experience it must have been to photograph it. I can understand it being unsettling…. I shudder at what it’s seen.

  2. Unsettling but also very fascinating.

  3. Just think if that car could talk the stories it would tell…horrifying!

  4. Someone is going to enjoy restoring this beauty.

  5. I wonder if the evil still sticks to this.

  6. ..Wow..this was great..when n where did u do this? my brother is a big Hitler buff, i will show him this….

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