“Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE”   59 comments



59 responses to ““Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE”

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  1. Lovely colour

  2. Beautiful flower.

    Northern Narratives
  3. Beautiful!

  4. A Royal Beauty.

  5. One word STUNNING … 😛

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  7. Perfect for the challenge. That is some purple in your flower. Wonderful.
    Thanks for liking my blog.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh

  8. I always feel like irises are sticking their tongues out at me 🙂 Beautiful colors and contrast!

  9. A beautiful iris… so beautiful… so purple.

  10. Very beautiful.

  11. Purely gorgeous…

  12. Wow… beautiful… love it.. 🙂

  13. You said it all! Just beautiful.

  14. WOW

  15. Stunning iris – and a great shot!

  16. Beautiful color.

  17. purplely picturesque! :)) love it!

  18. Gorgeous and I love your title Purple-iciousness! 🙂

  19. Pure eye candy! Gorgeous!

  20. this is beautiful!

  21. Beautiful! 🙂

  22. Purple-iciousness indeed! Catchy title and incredibly beautiful pic!

  23. wow. beautiful – Tennessee state flower and one of my favorites!

  24. A gorgeous shot of a magnifiscent iris. Well done Madelaine 🙂

  25. Lovely. I love Irises. Love the background – perfect complement.

  26. Beautiful!!!!

  27. Beautiful!

  28. What fabulous light on this oh so purpleness

  29. Gorgeous shot!

  30. purple and lillies, both favourites. Great and I really like the matching background, interesting to read thatr it was not planned 🙂

  31. beautiful!

  32. Beautiful color….!

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  34. beautiful!

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