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I’m not quite sure what the cormorant is saying but it certainly looks as if he’s making a statement to the seagull!  🙂  What do YOU think he’s saying?

Click here for a larger view


Posted July 29, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

15 responses to “STATEMENT

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  1. I think he’s singing, “I believe I can fly.” 😉

  2. He is saying, “It is apt that you bow in front of KORMORANTO the Great!”

  3. The cormarant is probably saying “I could be in Japan with a noose around my neck diving for fish for for some loser fisherman.”.

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  5. Oh, I’m quite sure he’s saying, “Really, the fish was THIS big!”

  6. “Hey, move on will ya!” 😆

  7. lol He looks like he is quite the ham…he is just begging for a picture!

  8. Sooooo big . . .

  9. I think she’s saying…”Tell me honestly, do these wings make me look fat?”

  10. He’s saying, “I’m king of the world”

  11. “Aw, c’mon, give us a hug.”

  12. He is celebrated his freedom. Beautifull image

    lady Lianna Ellusive
  13. I hope he was telling a fish story! What a great capture.

  14. What do you mean you ate them ALL?! lol! Great picture!

  15. OMG……these statements were awesome! Thank you everyone for playing along! 😆 My favorite one is from Gracie but they were all beyond beyond! Thanks again!!! Now, to find another interactive post……. 🙂

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