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The interior of a hot-air balloon preparing to go up, up and away!  🙂

Click here for a larger view




For a moment,

they bob,

these dull black balloons,

tethered to the traffic lights

in stringtime contemplation,

hermetic thoughts

jostle and tangle,

in colourless mirror-image



to dream themselves red-hot

airships unleashed,

cerulean adventures

aloft a blue-moon day.

                                                                      by bluebee from her beeblu blog (Thanks BB!)


Posted August 9, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

24 responses to “INTERIOR

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  1. Another strikingly vivid shot Madelaine. And thanks for posting my poem 🙂

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  3. An awesome shot! Your hot air balloon images are very strong in both composition and color. Very well done!!!

  4. the photo and poem are such complements to each other! Love both!!

  5. this is a wonderful shot…enjoyed BB’s poem as well…

  6. Excellent poem and photo, Madelaine.

  7. I can feel the heat from here. Good shot.

  8. Hi Madelaine. What a small world. You were also at the Fair! 🙂
    It was such great fun, wasn’t it?

  9. Striking colors of the hot air balloon photo! Wonderful poem!

  10. Lovely colors in the ballon. Cool shot!

  11. Beautiful poem and photo. Lovely contrast between the pedestrians “tethered to the traffic lights” and the freedom of colorful hot air-balloons. I love the photo of the balloon, it reminds of a time a large balloon landed outside our house – on some wasteland! That was quite unexpected and beautiful!!

  12. Now that is a cool perspective. We had our balloon festival this past weekend but due to weather they couldn’t launch! 😦

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