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This young woman has inked her skin…..that had to have hurt!

Vintage photographs reveal incredible head-to-toe tattoos on women in the Twenties, Thirties and Forties

The astonishing 2,500-year-old tattoos of a Siberian princess that reveal how little has changed in the way we decorate our bodies


 ‘It’s just a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling’  Jimmy Buffet


Click here for a larger view


Posted August 10, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

8 responses to “SKIN

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  1. Imagine how she will look when she is 75! I will never understand why people do this!

  2. I try to be open minded about tattooing, sometimes it is hard. I bet she could have used ice of any kind after her tattoos were done, or maybe I am wrong and this process doesn’t hurt at all?? Quite poetic your photo, great colours…

  3. I love carnival and fair shots … and this is a great example.

  4. Love the eye catching colors…a place I would enjoy for sure!

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