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I wonder how many people drive down this street every day and don’t realize what they’re driving over……if they even notice them!  These are the remnants of streetcar tracks.  The streetcar continued down to the bottom of that street where it ended at the Hackensack River.  Back in the day, the Village used to be THE destination for rich New Yorkers looking for (at the time) a bucolic place to spend their summers .  Many of them built mansions and homes for themselves and their families. It’s only about 15 minutes from NYC but back then I suppose it took a lot longer.  The slideshow shows some old photos of the Village, with the exception of the streetcar, which just shows how one that serviced the Village might have looked.  Note: One of the photos in the slideshow is of an all male 4th of July Committee from the very early 1900’s. Founded in 1894, Ridgefield Park’s Fourth of July parade and celebration prides itself as one of the oldest parades in the United States, and the oldest in New Jersey. The Committee is actually still in existence and, more importantly, is basically run by women….I just recently stepped down from my position on it.  Just so you know!  🙂

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Posted August 16, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

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  1. Before moving here, I owned an 1892 Victorian on a street with tracks just like the ones in your pic….Interestingly, we found an old postcard of our neighborhood from 1910 and those looked like some bustling, wealthy times for people lucky enough to call our street home, back then! .Now of course, you’re right….many overlook the old tracks or worse, have no idea of their former purpose! .Thank you for sharing history with us today! Loved the soundtrack for your slideshow, too!
    ps. Yaaaaayyyyy women! serving in that organization must’ve given you quite a kick!!

  2. Awesome

  3. Loved the trip down memory lane. With the fast pace of today we often overlook the intriguing history all around us.

  4. Would have never guessed in a million years what the street car tracks were.

    • Neither would I if they hadn’t been shown to me…..sometimes I find myself looking for them in other places! 🙂

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