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 I personally witnessed the plane slam into the second tower and burst into a fireball…..I will NEVER forget.

We look to the future knowing we can never forget the past.

God Bless America


Posted September 11, 2012 by Madelaine in Posts by Madelaine

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12 responses to “TRIBUTE

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  1. Thank you for your tribute…

  2. Horrible! Thanks for your tribute

  3. One cannot forget things like this, even thinking of this brings tears to my eyes, and you witnessed all this, I can understand how you feel. Good tribute.

  4. Amen and the rest of us too.

  5. Love this!!!

    Yvonne Michlele @Photecstasy
  6. This is a day I will never ever forget either.

  7. Beautiful tribute . . . we will never forget.

  8. This is a beautiful tribute, lest we never forget…

  9. The horror of just hearing of the attacks is unforgettable, I can only imagine how it can’t be unseen.

  10. Never ever.

  11. I only saw the images on TV and was horrified…can only imagine how you felt.

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