“Weekly Photo Challenge: HAPPY”   33 comments

A few things that make me happy…….


33 responses to ““Weekly Photo Challenge: HAPPY”

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  1. Beautiful images. They make me happy also.

  2. Wonderful photos. I like the barn reflecting in the water. Nice 😉

  3. All great! I love the masked bandit best though!

  4. Hi, thank you for these…..Richard

  5. Stunning pictures!

    I am going to reblog your link to my new reblog page. Love it and I hope others will find your blog!


  6. Stunning images. Thank you for sharing…

    Richert Manjarres
  7. Wow…such amazing captures…hard to pick a favourite

  8. Stunning photos – love the barn

  9. Beautiful

  10. Your pictures are so inspiring. I can only hope to capture images as beautifully as you.

  11. Beautiful images, esp. the barn. Made me happy!

  12. Gorgeous images, Madelaine. Love the barn. The reflection is awesome. 🙂

  13. Beautiful collection! Great compositions and vivid colors. Thanks!

  14. Raccoons?????
    I can understand all the rest, but — the garbage thieves????? You must be a real nature lover!!!!!!!
    (I guess they’re lucky to have someone love them.)

  15. Beautiful, beautiful shots!

  16. Very lovely photos! Thank you for the like on my weekly photo challenge!

  17. Beautiful!!

  18. STUNNING IMAGES! I was very happy looking at them.


  19. Nicely done.

  20. Happy, Wonderful colours…and you and I seem to have some things in common!

  21. Gorgeous photos! Love the barn. Wow!

  22. Gorgeous, and love your bee banner.

  23. Gorgeous… sunflower makes me happy 🙂

  24. Astonishing and rare marvels, all wonderful, but ‘Snowy Lane’ and Shadows on a Country Lane’ really, really special…

  25. Fabulous shots Madelaine! 🙂

  26. These are good pics, refreshing!

  27. Beautiful images, Madelaine.

  28. These all made me smile!

  29. Beautiful collection of photographs!!

  30. Wow! Those are beautiful photos! Love the butterfly 🙂

  31. Quite understandable why each of these snippets make you happy!

  32. I find it difficult to pick a favorite from this wonderful group of images….well done!

  33. What a fine collection of images! I have to agree with the non fan of raccoons – even though that is a great shot of the rascal, just glad my dog wasn’t looking.

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