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I think I must have been a farmer in one of my former lives although I did have a past life regression and that didn’t come up.  Still, there’s something about farms and being in the country that just draws me in.  You do understand though, that I would have been wealthy enough not to have done the actual work myself…….there would have been farm hands for that!  :mrgreen:

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Posted December 11, 2012 by Madelaine in Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

10 responses to “RURAL

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  1. I love the Silo – You Bucolic Betty You!

  2. Madelaine MacDonald down on the farm.

  3. Good Morning, Madelaine….

    Thank you for this picture of the farm. I have printed it out and hung it over my desk so I can look up at it and have it as an inspiration to keep my

    hopes alive of getting out of here and going someplace nice to live…..thanks for all these emails you send me…you are so talented and have such

    a good eye for taking pictures that mean so much………



  4. Yes, everything about a farm is great except for all the work involved……

  5. There’s something organic about this photo!

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